Here are some book titles that are ideal for reading when traveling to Italy and will stay at a monastery.

First, there is a general guide book on religion in the Mediterranean, and some biographies of saints from Italy. As a traveler with Klosterresor, you have a special price. Cheapest B port will be added, (no cash on delivery, no extra fees.)

To order books just send a simple e-mail. Do not forget to include your name and address and what book / which books you want.

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Our titles

All times Rome

Here is the guide book for those who want to know more about the Eternal City. It differs from other guide books through their many detailed and lively presentations of environments and people. Here, the knowledge of ancient monuments, Renaissance art and the many churches in the city center. It is a book full of classical education that enriches the reader, not only in Rome, but also in the sofa at home. Gösta Hagelin's All-time Rome has for nearly forty years been a "bible" for Swedish Rome travelers. The passage of time has now demanded a thorough update, but we wanted to retain the author's personal style that includes the modern reader can feel the joy of his entertaining companion, and experience His unfailing enthusiasm as he shows us the Roman labyrints.

By: Gösta Hagelin
Price: 259 SEK (ordinarie: 324 SEK)

Saint Francis of Assisi

Francis of Assisi 1182-1226, is perhaps the one in Christianity who more than anyone has shown what Christian faith means as it is understood and leves out completely. For nearly 800 years, Brother Francis awakened and raised up, consoled and encouraged us. Even today, well, perhaps especially in today's modern world, no one can meet brother Frans without reconsider their doubts and renewed in their faith. Here we encounter a figure in the Christian faith become clear and complete. This biography is written by Dane JohannesJørgensen and it is considered one of the great Francis biographies. It is based on modern research and allows us in a profound way come in close contact with Brother Francis, his teachings and doings.

Of. Jørgensen‚ Johannes

Price: 198 :- (Ordinary price 285 :-)

Saint Birgitta

"One of the best modern books about Birgitta we have read. Helge Nordahl have somehow gained a personal relationship with Bridget and this he manages to convey. As a non-Swedish, he sees her with new eyes. We heartily recommend it "Birgitta sisters in.

198 :- (ordinary price 297 :-)


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Tourist Tax

In some places in Italy you have to pay tourist tax, this is 2 € / person and night. At the moment you do it in Rome, Venice and Florence. You will pay this when you get there.