The monastery / guest house is amazing situated, halfway up the mountains on the northern coast of Bastia. It lies about 7 km from the city and 2 km from the beach.

This place is nestled in its own little park of olive and palm trees. This is a large and active guest house, during the summer months there is usually held concerts and dances on top of the range. Suitable for families with children and young people.

There is a private parking, private park, meeting rooms and shuttle transportation down to the beach.


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Here are some book titles that are ideal for reading when traveling to Italy and will stay at the monastery. First, there is a general guide book on religion in the Mediterranean, and some biographies of saints from Italy.

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In some places in Italy you have to pay tourist tax, this is 2 € / person and night. At the moment you do it in Rome, Venice and Florence. You will pay this when you get there.