San Giuseppe institute

This monastery is situated very centrally in Piazza San Marco. Just outside the monastery gate lies the gondolas parked. More in the heart of Venice, one can hardly live and with environments that correspond to the expectations at Venice.

The rooms are simple and nice, all have toilet / shower. The sisters also run a school, parts of this palace is also used as classrooms.


For prices please contact Klosterresor.

No meals

Evening: 10:30 pm in winter, 11:00 pm in summer.

In Venice you have to pay tax, 2€/night and person. Children under 10 years pay no tax.

Photos of San Giuseppe institute

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Tourist Tax

In some places in Italy you have to pay tourist tax, this is 2 € / person and night. At the moment you do it in Rome, Venice and Florence. You will pay this when you get there.